Earn yield from underwriting activity and token distribution

No underwriting risk

Earn revenue from staking and never worry about the underwriting risk. It falls onto the protocol-owned pool.

Participate in Shaping Solace

Each staked $SOLACE gives you one vote in the DAO, with a maximum 4x multiplier through token locks.

Locking bonuses

Earn more $SOLACE (up to 2.5x) and voting rights (up to 4x) through locking your stake into a safe.

Multiple revenue streams.

Staked $SOLACE provides you with exposure to policy sales, underwriting pool investments, and $SOLACE emissions.

How to stake $SOLACE

It's just a few clicks to earn with solace:

  • 1
    Connect your wallet
  • 2
    Click Create New Safe
  • 3
    Choose a Deposit Amount and a Lock Time
  • 4
    Click 'Stake' and confirm the transaction