$SOLACE token

Solace's tokenomics are designed to provide $SOLACE stakers higher yields and policyholders with better claims process.

Trustworthy protection

Solace owns its underwriting pool, underwrites the coverage, and pays the claims. Policyholders can be sure that our underwriting capital always will be there for them.

No underwriting risk

Solace raises underwriting capital through bonds, where users exchange their capital for vesting $SOLACE tokens at a discount. This decouples the underwriting risk from stakers, so they don’t need to worry about their capital being liquidated after an exploit.

Token value

$SOLACE facilitates two primary functions. First and foremost, it is a mean of payment for insurance. Although we do allow policyholders to use stablecoins, those ultimately get traded for $SOLACE.

Second, $SOLACE can be staked or locked to receive a share of the revenue that the protocol generates and partake in the governance of Solace. Ultimately, the value generated for investors is derived from Solace’s cashflows, success as an underwriter, and the DAO’s balance sheet.

Yield and governance

Holders are able to stake and lock $SOLACE to access rewards and governance rights , benefiting from the underwriting activity and token emissions.

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How to buy $SOLACE

Purchase $SOLACE via bonds:

  • 1
    Connect your wallet
  • 2
    Choose the token you would like to purchase a bond with, and click Bond.
  • 3
    Input the amount of tokens you would like to provide.
  • 4
    If you would like to have your bonded tokens staked, select “Auto-stake”.

Purchase $SOLACE on the open market:

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